Big Euro Adventure

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Subj: The Adventure Continues...

Date: 7/27/2003 12:23:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hey —

As always, just as u start getting a handle on how a city works, it’s time to move on. It's been great here.

Having all my luggage really gets things on the right track — a big plus.  

Last night in Wien — I leave for Bratislava tomorrow for a couple of daz... Check in with my friend Jim and see the kids — Daniel and Carmen.

If u don't know, his kids are the reason i'm here.  Gonna bring 'em back to their mom in LA next week.

Oh... I finally broke down and had one of them ice cream creations.  They've taken ice cream to new levels here. 

What Pück did to pizza, they've done it to ice cream.  Hey — isn't Puck from around here??   As expected, the floodgates were opened and now i can't pass one of those places without taking a look.  They are everywhere...

The back lit posters they got at this one place — totally goofy.  A mom smiles while blindly shoving ice cream into her sunglass wearing kid.  Probably to protect his identity — it definitely gets me in the mood. 

Then there’re these posters with this white    haired old geezer toasting away with a young hottie. 

The guy looks like a really fun ol’ dude who probably throws down a few and then starts pinching butt.  Who designs this stuff??

Did some walking around town.  Stuck my head in a few places 

Impressive stuff for sure, especially when you learn so much was rebuilt after the war. 

However, it starts to become sensory overload. Speaking of which, I manage to check out a Salvador Dali exhibit however the place that really caught my eye was this plant store.


Not your run of the mill plant place.  Total Euro with this high concept approach to plant design.  Very simple, very clean yet super eye catching and a visual relief to everything else around.

Too bad the place was closed. Don’t think the ice cream ad people work here.



Stumbled into some peace/stop racism/reggae music rally.

Comforting to know the police also keep an eye on them.

Wouldn’t want that anti- racism stuff getting outta hand! 

Nice to see people taking it to the streets while hearing a bit of the Bob Marley — “…everything gonna be all right…”  



Hey — it’s Vienna so I had to make my way over to see Dr. Sigmund Freud's office.   Not sure why, however anyone that renown for some of the most bizarre views of women — I gotta check out. 




What was that best seller of his, “Men are from Mars and Women Really Wanna Be Too Except For Being Male Mutations And Inferior”. 

And that whole male envy thing — gotta wonder about that cigar u always see him with.

The place was a bit off the beaten path and so were some of his views.  Still it was the man's pad and he did create the phrase “psychotherapy”, a mainstay where I’m from — Los Angeles.  Had to find the couch where it all started —

It took some doing but I got there.  Eerie building staffed by his devotees.  Nice bunch filling u in on the Siggy’s thinking and his relationship to the Victorian times.  And yup, there’s the couch.


He must of spent some time on it himself.  Near the end he admitted his thinking on women came up way short and suggested perhaps contacting poets?  Poets?  Do I hear the word: “REFUND?” 


The best part was the inter-active room — all filled with couches with speakers in the headrests spouting Freud’s theories or something.  

It was super comfortable. Set the camera self-timer and then tried listening along.  It was in German, the room was hot, so instead…  I fell asleep. 



The real plus in making my way to Freud’s was and discovering "DINO'S PLACE,  AN AMERICAN BAR". 

O my god... this was a bar paying homage to the smooooothist voice of the rat pack (in my humble opinion) the one — the only... DEAN MARTIN.  The place was closed however - the cleaning crew told me they open at 6pm and close at 5am.  COOL!!!!  

So after dinner I dress the part, wearing my Dino glasses and a 50's black and tan short sleeve shirt.  I looked correct.  Cabbied over and there it was  — dark paneled wood with book case lighting and a huge pic of Dino hanging above the bar.  No books in the bookcases — just all sorts of liquor bottles.  A twist on the wine rack concept…


Of course, the music — All Dino, all the time. “Every- body loves somebody sometime…” But the drinks — never, ever seen anything like it.  A super friendly bartender, who didn't just pour drinks, didn't just mix them — he truly created them.  Probably didn’t hurt he was also a chemist.  It was like watching a master sushi chef.   

Each drink took five minutes or longer.  Of course, there was the alcohol but then he'd mix things like lemon grass or actual rose pedals from long stem roses.  A totally nice guy... and one fantastic drink maker.  So many to try however I had to have a martini — the place had martini written all over it.  I don't know what he did but it was the best martini I'd ever tasted.


Told him my only Dino story — how i sat in Dino’s chair at the Beverly Hills Hamburger Hamlet and had a martini wearing my Dino glasses and my Bobby Darin suit.  It’s a cool suit.  A Hong Kong, custom-made sharkskin suit I found at a thrift store for $2 in Topanga Canyon last year.  Inside, a label says made for some doctor — Oct 1963. 

Anyway, I wore it to the Hamlet to sit in Dino’s seat and sip martinis.  And, could this Vienna bartender guess where in the restaurant Dino sat to sip?  He figures it’s a secluded corner.  Nope — right smack in the front, as you’d enter into the main room.  One would have to been blind not to see him.If Dino was in the house — he wanted you to know it.


The bartender loved it — I was a connection (thin as it was) to the real deal.  It gave me instant status. 

I got to yakking with a woman from Gyore, Hungary.  Anna something who worked for Mercedes.  She was in town for shopping and heading back later that night. 

She and bartender wanted to know about Los Angeles and the Rat Pack.  I was short on info but I did get in my Sammy Davis story and his secret all black hotel room at the Ambassador Hotel.  I did my one and only movie there years ago and got the scoop from the management so it was good stuff and passed it on. I had a great time.  Too many bars spend the money on décor and screw-up on the music.  Music sets the tone and here it worked wonderfully with the setting. Add to that a chemist mixing unearthly concoctions and it is truly one of the best, if not the greatest bar in the world.  I loved it!!

Oh well — time to go for some more ice cream and maybe a trip to the Havana Club.  Another place i wandered by that looked interesting.

see ya...


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