a Decemba to Rememba

December '04 — it’s a love/hate month for me.  All my big bills are due, property tax, home & auto insurances plus it’s my birthday month, ughh…  It’s also a major party month with all sorts of festive on goings — office functions along with a host of private functions.  I usually avoid most of them however not this year...

I’m sitting around last week watching an exciting episode of Animal Rescue — little kitty stuck in house, when my friend Karen phones up.  “What are ya doing Friday nite”.  “Nothing...” 

“There’s this party... Paris Hilton is throwing a party for her new cosmetic line — wanna go?” 

I gotta think — sitting around the house Friday nite doing nothing or going to a Paris Hilton party.

It was a tough call, sitting at home did sound good...   “OK, I’ll go...  Is Rebecca going?   Karen’s 14 yr old daughter — “Naw... She hates Paris Hilton”. During the week I call Karen to check on the rendezvous time and Becca answers.  She has a chuckle over the whole thing — “You and my mom are going to be the biggest outcasts there...” Just what I wanna hear.  

The one caveat was the band — “Juliette and the Licks”.  Juliette is Juliette Lewis, actress with some pretty interesting screen credits.  She’s also known to be a bit of a rebel.

It’s Friday and we arrive at this place on Wilshire BL.  It is a full-blown event with a lit up red runway and paparazzi en mass behind the rope.  We get tagged and are shown the way in. The whole thing gives me the hebe- jebees. I hide behind Karen as we walk down the gauntlet of photographers. 

Once inside there are young waiter dudes with trays of pink martinis. I grab one.

The whole place is done up in a pink motif.  Karen fills me in — Pink is Paris’ fav color.

They got the Paris Hilton perfume in these display
cases situated around the place.

A sad looking display — cheesy box…

Plus the stuff in the perfume bottle looks like
Hawaiian Punch than foo foo water. Anyway...

Not many people — most are sitting around talking. All in all, it looks pretty boring.

We grab some seats and watch as the place fills up.





There were security guards eve — rywhere. They were mostly young black men wonder what
they were thinking?

Many people are totally decked out while others looking like they walked off the set of "That 70's Show" which probably means they were fairly hip.

I personally felt like I shoulda been someone's parent there however after I downed half my pink martini — who cares.

Suddenly there is a crowd and it's Paris. There's a
swarm of people making their way over for a glimpse — security guards surround her along with her photographer who seems to snap up her every move.

She has a rather long face, which looked caked with the foundation — a bit heavy, I thought. Not quite the dish I was expecting.

My friend goes — "She's beautiful…" Hmmm… I remember seeing her on a tv show saying the key to being hot is "thinking you're hot"….

Hilton head defiantly thinks she's hot. Hey kiddo, maybe having others thinking you're hot would be better.

Made a feeble effort to take a snap 'cause I sorta didn't care but it was her party.

Caught her in mid sneeze — so becoming!

Her younger sister, Nikki was more the looker and seemed to have a genuine smile as apposed to Paris' "I'm so hot..." look.

Moving on... We chat it up with a few people — everybody seems to know somebody, which is how they got in. Reminds me of my bro telling me about medical school.

Waiters are going around with trays of finger food. Pretty lame — hot dogs, hamburgers and cup cakes — however, everything is in miniature. I'm informed Paris is into junk food. At least the meat wasn't pink.

Some A&R guy from a big deal record company was interesting conversation for a few moments. He says Juliette's band is very good.

Later I see him going full bore in conversation with this long legged cutie pie — but then this other guy comes over, she gets up — doesn't say anything and leaves him in mid sentence. One second — A&R guy is styling with the babes and few moments later, he's checking his cell phone. Party faux pas: alone and checking your cell phone, has loser written all over it.


Oh well... we talked to one woman telling us about being from Salt Lake City and being a newly wed — she also aspires to be an actress.

Hubby shows up later is into high finance and wouldn't mind returning to Salt Lake. Can't imagine why?

I checked out the gauntlet and see Juliette Lewis making her way in with a few friends. I snap a pic. She looks ready to rock yet calm and collected.

However when she's playing with her band, she is anything but calm.

She transforms into loud, angry and very high- energy rock diva. i like it! We catch most of her act and decide — enough...




All & all, it was fun and offered a bit of the diversion from my usual Friday nite sofa sitting.

By midnight, I'm back home watching a rerun episode of Animal Cops.

I hit the fridge for something to drink. The only thing in there is some Crystal Light Lemonade.

Oddly enough, it's pink lemonade.


The following week — it's Karen, again. She tells me about a party Microsoft is hosting at the brand new trendy club in Hollywood — The Geisha House. Did I wanna go? U betcha!!


It’s seven days later and I meet up with Karen outside the place.  It’s a former bar and cheesy restaurant once called “The Out Take” on Hollywood Blvd. 

The place looks nicely renovated, very hip from the outside with this neat low- key lighting scheme.  Cars are lining up however no big paparazzi.  

We enter and right away — the food spread is way more impressive than the Paris gig. Rows of sushi laid out for the taking.  There’s also more energy.  

We order up — one Belvedere Vodka Martini and one Gray Goose Vodka Martini.  They didn’t stock my fav Chopin
Vodka however these two will do just fine. 

Lotsa people are drinking water from these trendy little bottles.  

What a bore…

Food servers are running around offering all sorts of sushi goodies — none of this miniature junk food stuff.  The crowd also appears to be a mix of ages.  I get a better vibe right away.  

All of a sudden I find myself doing something I hadn’t done in ages– looking over my shoulder. 

I’m checking out who’s here.  It’s such a movie biz move; to be at a party and constantly scanning the crowd for whom else is around. 

Regardless of your company– always being on the make for someone more interesting or influential. 

I suppose that trait isn’t exclusive to the movie biz however I sure do associate as if.

Having been outta the “Biz” for 10 years I became accustomed to going places and not caring who da hell else is around.  But for some reason, I caught myself doing the twisty neck thing.   Why? Nobody here I’m gonna know…

Not Karen, she recognizes someone and they chat it up for a bit.  Her friend is here with legendary film producer Robert Evans, someone else Karen knows. 

Mr. Evans has the “cage” reserved for him and his party.  She say’s hello and we move on.  The place is done up in 60's retro — sorta.  It’s a bit sparse. 

We found a place to sit upstairs — a large curved booth.  Two waiters come up to us “Is there anything at all I can get for either of you”. 

I looked at the guy — “Anything at all you can get either of us?”  My gosh — talk about service!  

I’m more accustomed to gang tackling a waiter for a second glass of wine when I go out and that’s when I’m paying.  Not here, apparently…   We send them off and decide to scout around some more.


The back dining room décor looks like a cross between the “Flintstones” and the “Dating Game”.  It looked “OK” — didn’t floor me as I would have expected.

There was a cool video game room filled with guys, a couple of them wore brown corduroy sports jackets with leather patches on the elbow.  Lemme guess — Microsoft people...  

We wander around some more — at this point, Robert Evans and his crew has moved outta the cage.  So we move in. 

Kinda neat — the most reserved seat in the house and it’s us hanging there with our feet up. 

Time to sit back and reflect.  Watch Mr. blue blazer try to work Miss very hot babe waitress.  Good luck dude!

Some guy comes by and gives us a little gift — probably thought we were the VIP for which the cage was designed….  

Overall, the place was jumping.

I got to thinking about a couple of parties I was at earlier in the week, the similarities and the differences.


One was the holiday luncheon party for the legal office I work at downtown. 

The food there was not quite spread this was, actually — not even close.  Our workers don’t quite have the same Hollywood sashay either. 

However, our boss did attend — he gave everyone a handshake and personal greeting; then bailed. 

In prior years, our boss would stick around — eat lunch and give a speech telling us how valuable we are.  Not this year, probably had another function to attend… I hope!


The people at the Microsoft party certainly had a sense they were special without being told.

Their look was a bit more interesting as well.

Then there was my other friend’s party at his school.  He teaches English as second language and tonight was their last class before the holiday.



I’m invited.  Now these people know how to party, predominantly Hispanic, dancing is in their blood.  No “too hip” or “sexy me” people here — plain workin’ folk, taken a break.

The gym was converted to a dance floor and salsa music ruled.  The place was hopping.  Plenty of people hanging on the sides — reminded me of the HS dances I never attended.  At least some of these guys made the effort — I was too whacked to even the enter the gym back then.  Anyway — they partied it up until the place shut down around 10p. 

Back to the Microsoft party, Karen says it’s time to bail Geisha House; after all it is a school nite. As we leave I spot funny man Tom Arnold is yakking it up with a buddy. Walking by, I look at him and say “Dearborn”.   He yells back “Dearborn”.   I lean into him — “I’m from Dearborn, my brother went to your wedding”.  I kept moving.

Apparently Arnold meets a women working in a hotel there.  A year later they had the wedding near where I grew up.  It was quite the social event and somehow bro got an invite.  Little did I realize they were divorced fairly soon after — "unfaithful" and "gold-digger" were terms lobbed back & forth in the press.  Oh well, I don’t suppose Arnold cares too much for Dearborn.  Sorry dude, haven’t been keeping up with your personal life. 

Final note.  There were some big differences between all the parties — mostly along the social and economic lines.  However, there’re some real similarities.  Bottom line — people were having fun — rich, poor, big, little, beautiful — not so beautiful.  Heck, it’s December and it’s the holidays.  Made it thru another year.  Amen…


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