New Euro Adventure

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Subj: 48 Hour Day

Date: 5/31/2005


Ljubljana. Interesting city — enchanting…
an unpolished gem. Classic castle on the hill
surrounded by storybook homes — charming.

No matter where I look, no billboards,
souvenir stands, tour buses — nothing to
indicate the “tourist” part of town is any
more unique than any other part of town.
What a visual relief from LA LA land’s
billboard barrage.

So I have this habit. Coming to a new place, getting all excited — running outta the hotel and guzzling down a beer while soaking up the lay of the land.

Dinner and a few more drinks then wandering around getting SO FREEKING LOST. I don’t have a clue where I am!!!

Thought I was here.
But I was actually there,
and I was trying to get to
my hotel down there.

The streets are like cobwebs getting screwier with every turn. US cities have these nice boring systematic grids making getting around easy — well, except for Boston… Old world goes for that “build it as we need it” approach.

Certainly makes for more interesting streets except it leaves chumps like me who rush outta the hotel without taking a map, in bit of a quandary.

Complicating matters was this NATO meeting in town meaning cops and barricades everywhere near their hotel. I kept turning corners only to find more barricades. It started getting a bit frustrating.

Judging by the local graffiti, I wasn’t the only one affected by their stay in town. Kept trying to circle around however there’s no real simple way of getting around anything in “old world”.

It’s late so I cave and stop in this tiny little tobacco shop for directions. The guy learns I’m from California, “Where?” Los Angeles — “Oh LA”. I meet his buddies out front. They're all flattered someone from “LA” wants to see their city.

Another fellow offers me a hit off his rolled joint. Pot? No, hashish! I had to pass — the countless beers prior was all the messin’ with my head I needed. Besides I was already way lost.

Instead he gives me a shot of some Slovene liquor. Smooth stuff… We talk the usual stuff, property value; prime lending rates state of the economy???

Was I worried about no one speaking English here — well toss that worry out the window. This group spoke better English than me and was up on their commercial biz info. I ask the price of housing and one fellow goes “in what — Kunas, Pounds, Euros or Dollars? Dollars, please…

Anyway, they point me toward my hotel with a bunch of “turn here” and “turn there” directions — “aim for the lighted church.” In 3 minutes I was lost again. I keep moving…

It was so late everything was closed. However I get a good feel for this city and can’ help but marvel at how sweet this place is.

Everything so tastefully laid out. They’ve struck a balance between commercial and class.

LA LA land has wide streets for jumbo cars. Billboards must be HUGE so as u drive by in that 10th of a second, it’ll catch your eye. Forget how ugly it is…

Here everything is in prospective, small streets have small signs. It makes way more sense. A city with dignity — what a novel idea. And hey, whatever Bellissima is — I’m buyin!

I keep going thru town heading where the hashish smokers say — “aim for the lighted church”. Hope they’re right — 2am, like I gotta choice!!

I do wonder about safety however my travel book says this place is total low crime. That’s good cause I’d sure be plum-pickings wandering around some U.S. downtown street at this hour.

Weird feeling sightseein’ a city at night with no one around. Weirder when its my first night ever in that city. Shop windows take on an eerie feel.

Not sure if it was the shot of liquor or the fact I keep walking however I spot the church and soon after my Pension. It’s stairs up to the fourth floor and my room — AMEN.

After all the flights, getting lost, the beers, the food and who know how many hours I’ve been up… Add in umpteen time changes and o my achin’ feet — day one feels 48-hours long.

Lights out…








…see what the
place looks like in
the a.m.








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