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Subj: Heading to the Coast

Date: June 3, 2005




After three days in Z town I’m heading to the coast and Dubrovnik.

Got to the plaza for an adios photo of the place.

Cab or walk—cab or walk… what the hell, it’s a great day, tons of time—I’ll hoof it over to the commuter bus station with my bags. It’s right behind the train station and I know where that is—a piece of cake.

Did the usual overestimating my sense of directions and got totally lost trying to find the airport bus, which is NOT behind the train station but at the BUS STATION duhhh…

Anyway found it with the help of this 70ish couple from New Mexico. Got talking to them while looking at the bus schedule. They are tooling around the world figuring it out as they go.

They’re so relaxed about it… Thought I looked rather frazzled so out of pity took me under their wing. Two of them and they got less stuff than me.

They were heading to Dub- ville also. I booked my room 5 weeks ago—they did it last night from the Palace hotel.

Hmmm… the Palace hotel… where I originally booked for all that old world charm but didn’t trust my instincts and changed to my ok place—The Jagerhorn.

Speaking about original, they got this neat billboard ad campaign for some candy bar or packaged meat, depending on whom you talk to.


It shows a really bad Elvis impersonator garbed out in Las Vegas Elvis.

There’s also a bad Marilyn Monroe in that famous skirt flying pose—anyway the ad is for a candy bar and they hook line is “the original is always better.”

I thought it interesting the “originals” were always American stuff.

When looking at a list of restaurants from the Information office in town—they list “American restaurant” as HOOTERS. Ah yes… a true American original!!!

Then there are these stores called “America Donut”. Translated, probably means original American fat people near by.

Of course the bus driver taking us to the airport—he has his American blues on the radio. An “original” I can be proud of…

En route, spotted a familiar sight—signs for the US embassy.


What a drag—usually these places are in the nicest part of town—the French and others have places with great views of the park.

US embassy—way the hell out in the boonies—bet there’s no park around there! Suppose it’s for security reasons… sure ain’t for the scenery…

Got to the airport and again New Mexico points me in the right direction. It’s really embarrassing but I’ll take it. Had some time to look around before Croatian Air counter opens.


The weirdest thing about this airport… They have a park, with trees, trails and nature stuff right across the street.

Get here early for a flight? Go take a nature walk, sit on some benches—what a novel idea!!

Green and airports, who wuda thought????

Inside the terminal they got the Bye-Buy Shop! Those Croatians… they learn tacky as fast as anyone. Wonder what they called it in the bad ol’ days—the Come Commie Shop? Gotta check it out.

They sell neckties. Apparently, Croatia is the home of the necktie. And, yup—I buy one. It's blue with red stripes—very classic. Plus I can wear it to work and should someone say “Nice tie”—I can kick into “thanks, bought it in Zagreb…. Oh, I’m sorry… don’t know where Zagreb is? It’s in Croatia.” I love doing that!!


Finally check in—time for a breather. Nothing more comforting when traveling alone than to be able to see the airport monitor—destination in black & white... U're in the right place at the right time, hopefully. Gots me some time to jot down a few notes—nice having a pc.


As for the retirees from New Mex, don't need a close eye on 'em anymore. I've planted myself in front of the gate and all is right!








The adventure continues… whether we like it or not.



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